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fic: time and again i have torn you apart but i cannot do this alone (gi joe) | 14A

time and again i have torn you apart but i cannot do this alone
gi joe (devil's due comicverse), kamakura, storm shadow, implied storm shadow/billy
426 words
warnings: Implied dubcon, everyone being horrible to each other.

"We need you."

Kamakura doesn't need to look to see the face attached to the voice. It's a late night, and the base is quiet– he should've suspected."I'm previously engaged." He continues wrapping his wrists.

They've been at this for days.

"The clan needs you, Sean. One of our brothers needs you. And I–"

"He needs me because your idiotic fucking plans got him into this mess!"

A snarl over his shoulder– turning around to face the other ninja was a mistake. Storm Shadow's fist connects solidly with his jaw before he can so much as flinch. His head recoils, and then there's a hand grabbing at the collar of his shirt, hauling him upright.

He almost spits.

"I am still your master. Speak to me like that again and I'll have your seal torn from your arm."

Growling, he twists his arms and shoves Storm Shadow away, stalking over to the other side of the room, raising his voice. "Does Billy put up with that bullshit? You fucking coward– you couldn't take an apprentice without giving them a debt to you, could you? You're not my master."

Storm Shadow's voice is satisfyingly venomous. "Billy doesn't put up with 'that bullshit' because I've never had to threaten him."

"Oh, no–" he can't stop himself now, a manic laugh slips out, "—no, you just give him a black eye before you fuck him and save the threats for Snake Eyes–"

Storm Shadow grabs a firm handful of his hair and sends him rather neatly face-first into the nearest wall. The world swims. He stumbles for a moment before regaining his balance, turning to face the white-clad ninja with his feet spread shoulder-width apart.

"I didn't think your cooperation would come easily. Snake Eyes did always train you as more of a dog than an apprentice– you'd throw yourself off a cliff for a scrap of his affection and you've turned feral for wanting it." Storm Shadow's eyes are appraising and cold. "I don't want your help, but I need it."

Kamakura feels warm blood running down the back of his throat. "You traitor. Calling on the clan to clean up a mess you made– you fucking traitor, Storm Shadow." His voice turns acerbic. "Billy's a big boy and can take care of himself, right? After all, daddy's got him safe at home now."

"This is not about Billy."

"Don't fucking lie to me. It's always been about Billy."

"No." Storm Shadow shakes his head. "This is about your master. And I need your help."
Tags: char: billy kessler, char: kamakura, char: storm shadow, fandom: gi joe (marvel/devil's due), works: fanfic
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