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firefly! that's your commanding officer!
13 May 2012 @ 09:02 pm
marvel, loki
260 words

I have basically just been spewing Loki thoughts for the past 24 hours, so. HAVE SOME.

It's not her fault, but then, it is.Collapse )
firefly! that's your commanding officer!
I keep saying 'I don't even ship this' and EVIDENTLY THAT IS NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT TRUE. Anyway, this is for soda_and_capes, who is now and forever an absolutely wonderful human being, and who continues to make me sail odd ships.

This mix is a little bit disjointed, mostly because half of it was put together before and half put together after reading a large portion of this, so my Very Serious Thoughts on LokiDoom have changed a bit. I TRIED. It's still your fault, Scott.

Anyway, the mix.
firefly! that's your commanding officer!
04 August 2011 @ 10:18 pm
An original fic thing that will make sense to approximately one person. Marsh trains child spies; Crow is one of his projects.

if you want to imagine Marsh as Liev Schreiber that's probably pretty accurate

cold sheets
spyverse, marsh/crow (sort of?)
506 words
summary: The first night alone in a new city is always a little lonely.
warnings: Sort of implies a relationship between an adult in a position of authority and a (just barely) not-legal teenager. And stuff.

The room feels strangely quiet-- no one breathing next to him, just the soft hum of air conditioning.Collapse )
firefly! that's your commanding officer!
A drabbley alternate first meeting thing between Casey (the boss) and Michael (a Saints OC).

take it
saints row, michael & casey
729 words
summary: Once upon a time, Michael Rainer meets the head of the Third Street Saints in a bar.
warnings: Gratuitous use of the word 'fucking'.

'Sit down, love. I'm gonna buy you a drink.'Collapse )
firefly! that's your commanding officer!
mass effect, saren/nihlus
1020 words
summary: On a routine Citadel visit, Nihlus pisses off his mentor and is appropriately reprimanded.
warnings: Dubcon without any actual sexytimes; Nihlus' dirty mouth; punching.

Saren wants to prove a point, and prove a point he will, even if Nihlus bleeds for it.Collapse )
firefly! that's your commanding officer!
04 August 2011 @ 04:04 pm
It's summer. It's been summer for a good while now! Some of the relevant things that have happened to me lately:

1. I have seen Thor and Captain America and First Class and they are all big piles of gay and tears. Loki gives me funny feelings in my pants. I also saw Green Lantern but that was kind of crap, except for Tomar-Re and Kilowog, who were darling, and Sinestro, who was hot. (NO ONE IS SURPRISED. I have lots of feelings about aliens. And Mark Strong.)

2. Mass Effect. I-- yep? I am not entirely convinced Saren and Nihlus didn't have some sort of glorious beautiful dom/sub relationship going on pre-game. I think everyone can kind of anticipate my feelings on Garrus and Thane and Liara ET CETERA ET CETERA so I'll spare you. Everyone is fucking, did you notice? EVERYONE.

3. We got another kitten-- Tish, short for Morticia, because yes-- about a month ago, who spent last night at the animal hospital after getting worryingly sick and feverish. She's fine now, but it was scary.

4. I am trying to get myself a volunteer position at the local hospital and possibly a job at a pharmacy. Or something. My mother keeps trying to tell me that I can hold off on being an adult until I'm finished school but I AM NOT CONVINCED.

5. I'm learning how to drive! Sort of. I've also taken up flute again.

6. Our garden is producing things and so meals lately have been all salad and tomato-basil-bocconcini and cucumber sandwiches. It's nice.

7. I am finally reorganizing all the files on my computer, which is the most frightening and hilarious quest of all quests. I AM GOING TO TRY POSTING SOME DRABBLES, MAYBE.

8. I'm rereading the entire Artemis Fowl series, which my mother thinks is terribly funny since I always say I'm rereading it and then read the first book and get distracted and stop. I have read the first book four times now, but this time we might actually make some progress. All of Twitter has heard about my plans to write a trans!Artemis fic.

9. Due to the DC relaunch, I now have 22 titles on my pull list.

10. The recent Marble Hornets update might have actually made me pee myself.

11. This weekend, Jazz and I are going into Stratford to see Twelfth Night (!!!!!). Also, going with the mother and sister to Totem next week. (I also saw Quidam a few months ago, which I forgot to mention. LOVE.)

Today has been good so far. Went out for brunch with a friend-- I've been informed that when most people take each other out to meals and movies and split a dessert and eat with each other's forks it's called a date, which is nonsense-- and then saw Captain America, as mentioned. Which was. You know. Howard Stark needs to keep his legs shut. BUT ANYWAY.

Drabbles soon, I think.

ETA: Jazz and I have marathoned our way through season 1 and are very nearly done with season 2 of Digimon. STINGMON. ANGEMON. COME INTO MY ARMS. okay done now
firefly! that's your commanding officer!
10 July 2011 @ 07:58 pm
Just a few artsy pieces because I want to get them up here.


firefly! that's your commanding officer!
WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I DON'T EVEN RECALL. Anyway here is an inFAMOUS fic. This is getting posted everywhere.

our lives run parallel
infamous, kessler (kessler/wolfe if you squint)
883 words
summary: One thing that happens to Kessler at 2PM, and one at 2AM.
warnings: spoilery for inFAMOUS, contains old men being awkward and Kessler maybe crying.

This was supposed to be a prompt for where I play Kessler at channelfear, written for a charloft thing but I don't even know what happened to that.

we never meet; we're impossible.Collapse )