firefly! that's your commanding officer! (underdebate) wrote,
firefly! that's your commanding officer!

in this edition: GRAPHICS

w/e Jess has discovered an affinity for graphics-making. ONWARD.

3 - asofterworld remixes (Deus Ex, F.E.A.R., inFAMOUS)
5 - Blackberry backgrounds (Digimon, F.E.A.R., Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Sly Cooper)
1 - Digimon
3 - F.E.A.R.
(+1 that is actually Tom Hiddleston pretending to be Paxton Fettel)
1 - inFAMOUS
7 - Mass Effect
(mostly Saren and Nihlus and miscellaneous threesomes because who am I kidding)
1 - Thor (slight Thorki)


Tags: char: adam jensen, char: alma wade, char: ashley williams, char: cole macgrath aka zappypants, char: dudeshep, char: femshep, char: feron, char: kaidan alenko, char: kessler, char: liara t'soni, char: loki, char: matriarch benezia, char: morty, char: nihlus kryik, char: paxton fettel, char: point man, char: princess mfkn zelda, char: rioichi cooper, char: saren arterius, char: silphymon, char: thane krios, char: thor, fandom: deus ex, fandom: digimon, fandom: f.e.a.r., fandom: infamous, fandom: legend of zelda, fandom: marvel (movieverse - thor), fandom: mass effect, fandom: pokemon, fandom: sly cooper
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